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Vinyl sheet flooring in Minnesota is still as popular as ever.  New innovations have made this flooring a good option for homeowners. It is easy to clean, and the vinyl sheet flooring we carry at Minnesota Carpet & Hardwood  is also is guaranteed not to yellow. The great thing about vinyl is that the seams are chemically welded to create one continuous piece, which is great for cleaning.  Unlike other flooring, vinyl sheet flooring holds up to water spills, which makes it great for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens and entryways. It’s a nice floor for Minnesota’s snowy weather. Vinyl has typically been a glued down floor, which over the years has made subfloor preparation very important, and costly. In recent years a number of manufacturers have developed “loose lay” sheet vinyl products that do not always need to be glued to the floor. These products can be used in situations where the subfloor is less than perfect, allowing installation to be easier and less costly.  Fiberglass sheet vinyl flooring has a soft, cushiony feel, and comes in beautiful designs and colors. Cary in Oakdale Minnesota purchased a vinyl sheet floor from me for his bathroom.  He had some friends over, and until they felt the flooring, they thought it was real ceramic tile! The patterns are very realistic.

Improvements in the overall performance of vinyl flooring have been made possible by new technology developed over the past two decades. With the introduction of urethane coatings, wearlayers advanced to the point where the product was essentially stain proof and eliminated consumer concerns around scuffing and asphalt tracking. Many of today’s wearlayers also provide excellent scratch-resistant qualities thanks to the use of aluminum oxide and other additives.

Overall, vinyl sheet flooring still offers the best value proposition of any flooring product out there today: It’s never looked so real; it’s durable, easy to maintain and performs exceptionally well in a wide variety of applications.

Common wearlayer materials include:

  • No-wax vinyl: An entry-level material that resists scrapes, scuffs and mild stains. No-wax floors require regular cleaning and the occasional polishing to maintain the “new” look of the floor.
  • Urethane (PVC): A mid-level material that resists scrapes and scuffs and has better stain resistance than no-wax floors. Urethane floors will not need as much maintenance to maintain the “new look of the floor.
  • Enhanced urethane: A very durable material  that resists scrapes and scuffs and will not stain from normal household items such as mustard, wine, iodine, etc. These floors are also more resistant to dirt and do not need as much intensive cleaning. Enhanced urethane is the most durable vinyl flooring wear (surface) layer and the easiest to keep clean. Enhance urethane also has a shine that lasts longer than vinyl no-wax and urethane.
  • Aluminum oxide: A durable material that is most often found on pre -finished wood or bamboo flooring. This type of finish resists scrapes, scuffs and stains.

  • Mannington
  • STAINMASTER™ Resilient Flooring
  • Konecto





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