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Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes, and if you’re looking for new carpet these days, you may feel like it’s also the land of 10,000 choices.

 We’d like to help.                                               CARPET COLOR CHOICES

We will help find the right carpet for you, which can vary based on your specific needs.  Maybe you need pet friendly carpet or kid friendly carpet. You may need rental property carpet. You might be flipping a house or you might be looking for a product that will last you for 20 years.  You might be looking for that perfect color or a contemporary pattern. When it comes to carpeting, one size does not fit all. Everyone’s needs and budgets differ, and we can help find the right carpeting for you.

At Minnesota Carpet & Hardwood we’ve discovered carpets that are made with new technologies that make them durable, and easy to clean, some carpets even break down common odors to keep your home smelling fresh. 

SmartStrand Carpet by Mohawk Industries, is incredibly stain resistant and most stains can be removed using only water.  SmarStrand Carpet is made of Triexta, a new polymer invented by DuPont, it is one  of the most revolutionary materials to hit the industry in the last 20 years.

This carpet is bleach resistant,  and comes with a lifetime stain warranty, red wine and mustard are guaranteed not to leave a permanent stain.  Mohawk was so confident in it’s SmartStrand Carpet that they installed it in Ricko the rino’s cage. This rhinoceros lived on SmartStrand Carpet for 2 weeks, and after a thorough cleaning the stains came out! We actually have a sample of Ricko’s  carpet in our showroom. We had our own local experience with Jeff and Binky from Apple Valley, Minnesota who purchased SmartStrand Carpet from us. Their daughters dog ate something that did not agree with it’s stomach, and it had an “accident” on the carpet. Binky bought some stain remover, but was able to remove the stain, using only water, with her Hoover steam vac.  The nice thing about this product is it comes in everything from apartment grade carpeting, to thick plush carpeting. It is pretty amazing stuff.

Another new and innovative product we carry at MN Carpet is Magic Fresh odor reducing carpet, from Bliss by Beaulieu (pronounced Bow-you). This carpeting reduces odors caused by cooking, cigarette smoke and pet urine. It has a sodium based treatment that chemically breaks down household odors. The treatment is self renewing, and will never wear out of the carpet. We have a Bliss Stainmaster carpet display in our showroom, all of the styles have Magic Fresh built in. These carpets are soft and durable, they are made of Stainmaster’s Luxerell nylon fiber, and treated with Stainmaster’s Lotus FX Fiber Shield stain protectant .


These carpets come in a large variety of colors and styles and we are sure you’ll find one that you love.