MN Carpet & Hardwood Installation Services


Proper installation will make your carpet and flooring last longer!

At Minnesota Carpet and Flooring we have over 24 years experience in installation. Our installers are among the best in the Twin Cities metro area.

In this economy, many carpet stores are trying to keep their profit margins high by paying their carpet installers less. Sadly this is creating an environment where installers are not sent to projects based on skill and experience, but on how cheaply  they will do the work. The result can be installers showing up with limited experience, a bad atttitude, or poor communication skills.

We're different. We care enough to send you the very best.

Each job is custom tailored just for you.

If you were to buy good quality suit or dress for a special occasion, you would expect it to fit.  Buying carpet and flooring is no different. You are spending your hard earned money, on quality material, that you will use every day, and it should fit perfectly!

Installation skills are not learned over night. It takes 5-10 years for an installer to perfect his skills.

People skills are also very important. Our installers will communicate with you in a friendly, respectful manner.

  • The owners of Minnesota Carpet & Hardwood have personally worked with the carpet and flooring installers sent to your project, and can vouch for their workmanship.
  • Our Installers are small business owners, and are true professionals.
  • Minnesota Carpet and Flooring Installers are fully insured.
  • MN Carpet Installers follow CRI installation guidelines.
  • They are nice guys, and will be respectful of you and your home.
  • Our Installers haul away all new left over scraps (unlike the big box stores).
  • Have a minimum 10 years experience in their trade (some have over 30 years).





Our comprehensive flooring installation services include: